The Skinny Bitch Project

My way towards an HONEST me!

What did I screw up today


  1. I slept waaaay to late. Till 11:30. Which is actually amazingly good for being me.
  2. I ate pizza for breakfast (this is the truth)
  3. I felt sad so I made 8 chicken wings and ate them ALL! The worst thing is that they tasted bad, but I mean chicken wings for dessert! Best thing ever, except actual dessert.
  4. I watched 6 hours of tv shows, a horrible cop show that made me feel worse than I did before I started.
  5. The best thing is that I just had a huuuuuuge glass of chocolate milk. I LOVED IT! I wish I had a roommate I could force to go out and get another carton for me!
  6. Oh, did I mention I have a huge test in 2 days.


So my lesson for today is, don’t drink water. DRINK chocolate milk!

It all starts from now…

This story is about a woman, who weirdly enough is living a flawless life. Why would I explain my life like that? Because Im created in Gods image, so my flaws in the divine plan of things are not present. Still its hard to look at your own life while looking at the big picture. In my eyes I am full of flaws, but there are certain things Im proud of.

  1. I alway speak my mind, so don’t you dare question my morals or my basic principals.
  2. I can. Scratch that I can most of the times see when I have acted wrongly, and I do try to fix it. Other times I need to be told and I will actually try to change my ways! Im really proud of this one 😀

This is the story of my future. My attempt to use the world wide web as a diary.

So with my light chocolate milk mustache and blue mind, Im going to attempt to get inn some late night studying to erase all the things I did not do today. Like I did not study for hours or had a healthy dinner. What I did do was, cry over being mistreated and misunderstood, drink a huge mug of chocolate milk, watch 5 episodes of a tv-show (a not very good one) and eat TONS of chicken wings and bacon. Why? Because Im a very faulty human. Fuck it, at least Im alive.

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